The Gazpacho is a cold soup that it has as basic ingredients: olive oil, garlic, bread and diverse vegetables. The most known it is the Gazpacho Andalusian made with tomato like main ingredient.

It is a food characteristic of the Mediterranean diet where the quality of the raw material, the proportion of the components and the cream texture are fundamental to realise a good Gazpacho.

Another one of its characteristics is that it is a cold soup. Because in Andalusia often they surpass 40º C in summer, the gazpachos are very common: they are very refreshing, they maintain the organism hydrated and they satiate the thirst.


1 kg tomatos type pear, very red and mature.

70 gr. cucumber

100 gr. green pepper

1 garlic

200 gr. red pepper

30 gr. chive

150 gr. bread of crumb of the eve white wheat type, tahona…

100 gr. extra virgin olive oil

50 gr. sherry wine vinegar



Put the bread crumb in soaking with a little water and the vinegar in a salad bowl.

Peel the tomatos, clear the seeds and cut in pieces. Incorporate them to the salad bowl.

Peel and mince garlic, the peppers, the cucumber. Incorporate to the salad bowl.

Add salt and oil.

Let rest in the refrigerator hours all night or. This way the flavors of mix better.

To happen through the Thermomix, beater, the content of the salad bowl. (formerly towards a puree of the ingredients by hand).

When being all bare one and without seeds does not make lack happen through the strainer, but it is desired, to strain so that it is finer.

Try and correct of salt, oil and vinegar if it is necessary.

Let cool.


One appears in a bowl, glass, with a trimming of bread, pepper, tomato, cucumber, cooked egg and ham, everything very divided aside, to the pleasure.

Incorporate drops of extra virgin olive oil.


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